Saturday, 17 January 2009

Last Orders At The Bar, Please

I'm drunk and I'm dizzy,
My cider is fizzy,
My nuts are spread out on the bar.

Last orders are ringing,
An angel is singing,
Beckoning me from afar.

Perhaps not celestial,
The voice is more bestial!
It's Trudy, my very best mate.

She's growling, "Oi, Steph!
Are you bleedin' deaf?
If you don't sink that pint we'll be late!"


Mr Murph said...

Bravo Geoff. It's one of those where you want someone to do a double slap at the ench of each verse. Da- Dummn.

Geoff said...

Cheers, Murph. My thighs can't take too much slapping nowadays, though.

KAZ said...

It should be "Oi Sting"
Are you listening
If you don't ......

Geoff said...

I can't see Sting sinking a pint of Newkie Brown.