Saturday, 10 January 2009

The IT Man

The IT man fucked up my life
On the twelfth of May.
I stabbed him with my paper knife,
Now I've been put away.

The program that he promised was
Too good to be true.
Eleven months I suffered cos
He hadn't got a clue.

That bloody man drove me to drink,
His work was so unstable.
He drove me to the fucking brink
Of yanking out the cable.

As I logged on that fateful day,
He got my evil look.
Not only had he turned me grey,
He'd blocked me from Facebook!


Mr Murph said...

I'm filling up here Geoff...

Geoff said...

I couldn't tell my friends how bored I was at work!

KAZ said...

Do you get kosher food in your cell?

Geoff said...

In prison you should always ask for kosher food and hot chocolate rather than tea. A kind of Jewish/Mormon mix.

zIggI said...

Ooo I saw that in something on the telly - was it that one where the kid didn't murder the girlfriend but was being fitted up for it and had Pete Pothleswaite innit?

(I have filtered Facebook off the school network - I feel really mean now) (I shall take care to avoid people with scissors too)

Geoff said...

That was the one!

Facebook keeps quiet those staff who don't have much to do so it performs a very useful service.