Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Beryl Bombshell

I am currently in the process of writing some more poems which I will attempt to publish with Lulu sometime this year. The best of the poems on this blog and my Rock 'n' Pop Stew blog will be included in the book. I feel I have come to a crossroads in my writing life. Do I turn left, or right? Or do I indeed go backwards or forwards?

One thing I do know. I'm not going to stand still and get run over!


Mr Murph said...

If it's published with Lulu and all your poems have a neat twist, it could be titled "Twist & Shout".

KAZ said...

Beryl is a nice old friend
She's really rather droll
If this new posting starts a trend
I'll put her back on my blog roll

Geoff said...

Murph - It's going to be conveniently pocket-sized, just like the singer.

Kaz - I wasn't going to put this year's poems on here, just leave them for the book. But that's a bit of a poncey idea, isn't it? I'll be back!

zIggI said...

not bad, but I prefer your ones that rhyme

Geoff said...