Saturday, 26 January 2008

Toilet Trained

Every time he takes a piss
He whistles some old hymn.
God looks down and helps him miss
The outside of the rim.


Arabella said...

And a chorus of women everywhere murmers: "thanks be to God".

Geoff said...

I hope the chorus aren't in the cubicle with him.

ziggi said...

Every time she has a wee
She curses her old man
“It’s not enough to aim your pee
you must also hit the pan”

(you are not going to believe this but the WV is ivpiz!!!)

Geoff said...

Sometimes it is difficult.

Flaming Nora said...

You haven't blogged a poem for such a long time.
Where, oh where, oh where is your ryhme?

Geoff said...

I cannot even raise a titter,
My muse has vanished down the shitter.

Flaming Nora said...

You haven't written a poem in such a long while
Come on, get a move on, your words make me smile

Mr Murph said...

Just reprint the Doris Stokes Poem Geoff ... it will seem fresh now.

Geoff said...

I've already done it twice!