Saturday, 24 November 2007

The Good Samaritan

The more he saw to all her needs,
The more she called his number.
The more he practised goodly deeds,
The more she did encumber.


KAZ said...

And biting off the hand that feeds
I really need a plumber*.

*True my tap's leaking fast!

Geoff said...

You'll have to arrange it yourself, Kaz. The GS only does it for the old, lonely and helpless.

Arabella said...

How very sad and I hope not autobiographical.

Geoff said...

It wasn't me - I'm far too selfish.

Istvanski said...

The sky was dark, the moon was high;
All alone, just her and I.

Her hair was so soft; her eyes so blue,
I knew just what she wanted to do.

Her skin so soft; her legs so fine,
I ran my fingers down her spine.

I didn't know how, but I tried my best;
I started by placing my hands on her breast.

I remember my fear, my fast beating heart;
But slowly she spread her legs apart.

And when I did it I felt so shame;
All at once the white stuff came.

At last it's all finished; it's all over now,
My first time ever at milking a cow.

Geoff said...

Very mooving.