Saturday, 1 December 2007

The Family Brown

"It's your nan and grandad's 40th year
So get your fucking arse in gear.
We're off to get our photos took
For nan and grandad's photo book.

Wash your face and comb your hair,
Don't give me that gormless stare.
Your nan and grandad want you happy,
Not all glum and dumb and dappy."

"OK, I'll be the perfect son
(I don't mind having my photo done).
But don't you think there's nothing creepier
Than a modern family pictured in sepia?"


Arabella said...

Not if you all wear your best wescits.

Geoff said...

It just doesn't look right. I've seen so many pictures of modern kids in sepia. They look too happy and well fed.

KAZ said...

Creepier and Sepia - what an inspired rhyme.
But doesn't sepia mean squid?

That's even creepier.

Geoff said...

Sepia is obtained from the squids' little ink sacs.

Have you ever received a letter from a squid? Exactly! What's the bloody point?